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Underarm Sweat Pads by SlickFix | Say Goodbye to Sweat Stains Now

Underarm Sweat Pads by SlickFix | Say Goodbye to Sweat Stains Now

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Slickfix Underarm sweat pads excel in promptly absorbing underarm perspiration, ensuring day-long lightweight and breathable comfort. These invisible and comfortable guards empower you to wear your style fearlessly, eliminating the need for hiding in dark colors, baggy clothes, or layering up to mask wet armpits. The disposable guards are designed to securely conform to the underarm area of your sleeve, ensuring they stay in place and won't easily shift or detach. With a high absorption capacity, these sweat shields guarantee dry underarms while preserving the durability of your garments. Our product is intentionally created to be inclusive of all genders, seamlessly complementing a wide range of clothing styles for both men and women, regardless of their fashion preferences. 
  • Directions: Peel off the sticker sheet from each pad • Inverse your top wear & paste the pad on the area where the sleeve is attached to the shoulder. (The area that covers your under-arm). • Enjoy a stain & odour free day.

 Hate it when your shirts tend to discolor with sweat? Is it embarrassing to lift your hands because of sweat patches? What about all those lovely kurtas getting an ugly patch? Get Slickfix’s Underarm Sweat Pads and say goodbye to sweat stains. A pear-shaped sweat pad that fits snuggly on your clothing’s armhole, the underarm sweat pads are the perfect solution to those unsightly marks. Soft on the inside and firm on the outside, the sweat pad is made with a soft absorbent material that doesn’t allow sweat to appear on the outside. The adhesive is fabric and skin-friendly so that it doesn’t react with your underarms. Available in a monthly and a super saver pack.

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