About Us

We believe in better living. We believe that every individual can leave behind some fundamental issues like dressing up and focus on life. We delicately design and engineer products that resolve such dilemma in life. Dressing up is one of them. We have built a set of self-adhesive products that are skin & fabric friendly. They help dressing up. Slickfix, an everyday dressing fashion hack brand & product line.

Women, invariably, are at the receiving end of the uncomfortable male gaze — irrespective of what they wear. But when the gaze turns ugly for them — be it an unintentional show of cleavage, or for revealing gaps within the buttons of their shirt, or even for a slit that is a bit too far, then it's time to mend them and give the matter some thought, without them having to face the brunt of the daily stare.

Slickfix engineers products that are primarily designed to help men & women overcome the dressing dilemma. Wear what you wish and we will help you take care of how you look all day.

Have you got any such ideas that we should dive deep into and develop a solution ? IF yes, leave us a message on +919820130294 (Mr. Akash Doshi – founding member)

Backed with 38 years of experience in adhesive coated products, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company by SGS Ukas, with a dedicated technology driven team that engineers quality products for a better living.

SlickFix empowers YOU to dress the way you wish and create a better life with style and panache of how you look.