About Us

SlickFix is the new definition of Beauty & Self-confidence.

Women, invariably, are at the receiving end of the uncomfortable male gaze — irrespective of what they wear. But when the gaze turns to objectify them for how they carry themselves — be it an unintentional show of cleavage, or for revealing gaps within the buttons of their shirt, or even for a slit that is a bit too far, then it’s time to sit up and give the matter some thought, without them having to face the brunt of the daily stare, for long. 

This being the backdrop, we asked ourselves if there was anything we could do to help women regain their dignity. Help women claim their liberty. Help them believe that they can dress how they want without raising an eyebrow, and without having to stand straighter or pull at their shirt every time they entered a room filled with men. 

On the other hand, men don’t have it easy as well, despite them investing so much on how they appear. Sweat, grime and having to take public transport makes them look ragged even before they step into their workplace in the morning. They are ostracised for sweating too much, or for wearing an ill-fitting shirt, or having a flappy belt or even for not having their ties in place! As a result, we have introduced products for men and are committed to uplifting their dressing and grooming needs as much as that of their counterparts — and not treat them as a mere extension of our consumer base.

Backed with 35 years’ experience in adhesive products — from industrial to health care spaces, we decided to take this expertise to the consumer level. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company by SGS Ukas, with a dedicated technologically-driven team that creates quality products, day after day. Our test results (shown alongside) are adequate proof of our well-researched, skin-safe adhesive tapes. 

SlickFix was conceived to empower ambitious, carefree individuals to fulfil their dreams without being conscious about what others think about their dressing. A quick fix was all that was required to keep their dignity intact and help them gain confidence about their appearance. To help them dress and commute the way they want, without worrying about untoward glances.