Why Slickfix?

Why we started this product line?

We believed that men and women in India deserve to roam freely with dignity without worrying about getting judged about fashion malfunctions. Especially after the #metoo movement we felt that there was something critical that we could contribute towards. Safety, dignity and fashion sense to men and women, this without doubt has been our top most priority.

Can these products be used on skin directly?

Yes, all of our adhesives have been tested by a 3rd party government approved laboratory for direct skin contact. Our adhesives are IS 10993-5 & 10 compliant. Which means they have been tested for Cytotoxicity and skin irritation test.

What happens if there is reddening of the skin or some irritation?

It is a very rare situation that this will occur, in case it does remove the product immediately, wash with cold water and go see a skin specialist immediately. The test conducted is for the largest part of the spectrum of skins but there could be that one in a million chance of extremely sensitive skin.


Estimate time to deliver after placing an order

We ship orders within 48 hours from the order received and usually delivered within 3 working days from the date of dispatch & for some areas it can take up to 5 to 7 days.

Courier Partner

All our couriers are managed and handled by FedEx

Packing & Gifting option

Can the product be gift wrapped ?

Yes, it can be gift wrapped at an additional fee.


What is the GST applicable on SLICKFIX products ?

18% GST as of now, liable to change with the change from the finance ministry & government directive.