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The Fashion Secret Bundle - Regular, Extra Strong, Wide and Dots

The Fashion Secret Bundle - Regular, Extra Strong, Wide and Dots

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Introducing the essential solution to wardrobe malfunctions and style emergencies – our Fashion Dressing Tape Bundle! This carefully curated assortment is a must-have for every fashionista's toolkit.

Inside this bundle, you'll find four essential types of fashion dressing tape (Trial Packs) designed to cater to all your outfit needs:

  1. Fashion Dressing Tape (Regular): Perfect for securing plunging necklines, keeping bra straps in place, and ensuring your hemlines stay put, this versatile tape provides a discreet and reliable hold without leaving any residue on your garments.

  2. Fashion Dressing Tape (Wide): When you need broader coverage and extra support, our wide fashion dressing tape comes to the rescue. Ideal for securing larger areas or creating seamless looks with wide-neck tops or daring slit dresses.

  3. Fashion Dressing Tape (Extra Strong) : For those moments when you require an extra level of security, our extra strong dressing tape has got you covered. Whether it's battling windy days or keeping fabric in place during rigorous activities, this tape ensures your ensemble stays intact with confidence.

  4. Fashion Dressing Dots (Round) : Say goodbye to fashion mishaps with our dot accessory tape. These discreet, skin-safe adhesive dots are perfect for securing accessories like scarves, brooches, or even keeping stubborn belt buckles in place.

Crafted with quality materials and easy to use, our Fashion Dressing Tape Bundle offers an essential peace of mind, allowing you to step out in style with confidence, knowing that your outfit will stay flawlessly put throughout the day or night. Say hello to hassle-free fashion and embrace the freedom to express your style without limits!

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