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SlickFix Trial Packs Combo (4-in-1)

SlickFix Trial Packs Combo (4-in-1)

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Our fashion essentials provide the ultimate solutions for your wardrobe needs From preventing ear lobe tears with our Ear Lobe Support Patches to keeping your clothing in place with Slickfix Fashion Dressing Tape, we have all the fashion hacks you need. Our transparent and hypoallergenic patches provide relief for damaged lobes, while our double-sided tape ensures a secure hold without slips or sagging. For ultimate comfort, try our Shoe Bite Pads that offer blister protection and extra cushioning. Elevate your style with our fashion accessories and keep your shoes looking new with our shoe care tools. Whether it's earrings, clothing, or shoes, we have you covered from A to Z for all your fashion needs. Embrace worry-free fashion with our innovative products.


  • Slickfix Fashion Dressing Tape is the ultimate solution for fashion emergencies. It's transparent, double-sided, and skin-friendly, providing a secure hold for your clothing. Say goodbye to slips, visible straps, and sagging necklines. Loved by celebrities and stylists, it's perfect for any occasion. Stick it anywhere and stay stylish all day long. Suitable for women, moms, girls, busy entrepreneurs, and college teens. Join our satisfied customer community and embrace worry-free fashion with Slickfix Fashion Dressing Tape.
  • EarLobe Support Patches: Prevent ear lobe tear or stretch and keep earrings in place. Transparent and hypoallergenic, they provide relief for damaged lobes. Easy to use - stick to the back of the ear lobe, insert earring post, and secure back. Disposable, not for repeated use. Enjoy pain-free, secure ears with these patches.
  • Slickfix Fashion Dressing Dots are skin and fabric-friendly double-sided tapes. They are easy to use and pocket-friendly, making them perfect for on-the-go use. These dots leave no residue and are ideal for confident dressing. Suitable for women, moms, girls, busy entrepreneurs, and college-going teens, they ensure outfits stay in place. With an 18mm diameter, they are perfect for small gaps. Slickfix Fashion Dressing Dots provide the perfect hold for a worry-free fashion experience.
  • Our Shoe Bite Protectors, the perfect solution for preventing shoe bites and ensuring comfortable feet throughout the day. These protectors feature a self-adhesive design, making them easy to apply and ensuring a secure fit that won't slip or slide inside your shoes. Made from skin-friendly material, they provide a comfortable wearing experience without causing irritation or discomfort. Whether you're wearing insoles, heels, sneakers, or any other type of shoes, our protectors offer versatile protection. Say goodbye to painful blisters with our blister protection feature, allowing you to confidently wear your favorite footwear.
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