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Slickfix Combo Pack - Fashion Dressing Tape (36 pcs each) & Nipple Covers (Skin Colour) (10 pcs each)

Slickfix Combo Pack - Fashion Dressing Tape (36 pcs each) & Nipple Covers (Skin Colour) (10 pcs each)

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  • 36 Clear, Fabric & Skin Friendly Double Sided Body Tapes for fashion emergencies! These tapes are transparent and stick to clothing and skin. Dress confidently and wear those dresses and party outfits with Slickfix fashion body tape that will hold your clothing and hemlines comfortably against your skin or undergarments. No more embarrassing slips, visible straps or sagging necklines. Use these for night outs or all day long.
  • These fashion tapes are 12mm x 70mm that are perfect to cover the gap between the shirt buttons, hide the bra strap in a sleeveless top, hold a tube top in place and avoid those fashion mishaps and embarrassing moments by using SlickFix Fashion Dressing Tape. Join our community of hundred thousand happy and satisfies customers and share your story of fashion faux pas.
  • Slickfix Fashion Tape have multipurpose use, double sided tapes stick onto almost all types of fabric like cotton, jeans, polyester, bra straps, spaghetti tops and can also be used as boob tape. This is a fashion secret used by all celebrities and stylists all over the world and we want you to try the fashion tape and enjoy the endless applications and uses of the product. Stick it practically anywhere!
  • Brown (Skin) Color Nipple Covers avoid showing through white shirts or T-shirts by blending into the same colour as your skin. The Nipple covers are 80mm diameter which is a perfect size to fit almost everyone comfortably. 
  • 100% Medical Grade Disposable petal shape nippleless covers - Passed through rigorous tests. Our product is engineered to providing the most comfortable experience and the center anti microbial foam keeps the sensitive area protected and avoids any adhesive sticking to the nipples.

FASHION TAPE - Be it a peeking gap between two buttons of your shirt, a plunging neckline or an uncomfortably long slit, fix it all with Slickfix Fashion Dressing Tape. This double-sided clear tape can be used with any fabric without leaving a stain on the garment. The strength of the adhesive is just right to last you the entire work day or a long party night while being mild enough to suit all skin types. Available in a monthly and a super saver pack this is a must have in your bag for all fashion emergencies. NIPPLE COVERS - Does it bother you when you get smirky glances in the middle of a work day? AC rooms, cold temperatures or thinner bras can make your nipples protrude through your clothing. Slickfix’s Nipple Covers are made with skin-friendly adhesive and a soft skin-coloured fabric on top. The additional foam support ensures a comfortable feeling all day. Whether you wear a fitted t-shirt or a low back blouse, we have you covered. Available in a monthly and a super saver pack. Use Tips: Wash and dry your body to ensure the petal's sticking surface is clean. Peel the backing off the breast petal, or apply the adhesive if the petals are reusable. Center the petal over the breast and apply light pressure until it sticks. To remove, gently pull the petal off the breast. If any adhesive remains, use rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove it. Do not apply over broken, damaged or sun-burned skin. Have a hot shower or soak in the bath if you are having trouble getting it off.

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