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SlickFix Fashion Dressing Tape

SlickFix Fashion Dressing Tape

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  1. Transparent :The tape is virtually invisible, allowing you to wear any outfit with confidence without worrying about unsightly tape showing.
  1. Fabric and Skin Friendly :The tape is designed with gentle materials, making it safe and comfortable for both clothing and skin applications.
  1. Strong Adhesive :Enjoy all-day support and confidence as the tape offers reliable holding power, preventing wardrobe malfunctions.
  1. Versatile Use :Ideal for securing clothing, fixing hems, eliminating gaps, and providing quick fashion fixes on the go. Perfect for special events or daily wear.
  1. Multiple Pack Sizes :Choose from various options to suit your needs, ensuring you have an ample supply for any occasion.


 Applying the dressing tape is a breeze, and it leaves no sticky residue behind when removed. Simply cut the desired length, stick it in place, and enjoy worry-free dressing. When the day is over, remove the tape effortlessly without damaging your clothes or skin.


  • Secure the button gaps of your top or button down shirts
  • Keep the collar in place (t-shirt, shirts, tops)
  • Hold the dupatta on your shoulder
  • Control the deep plunging necklines
  • Keep the pallu of your saree in place
  • Close the stomach area of the saree
  • Hold the folded cuff's in place
  • Secure the sleeveless tops
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