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SlickFix Extra Strong Fashion Dressing Tape

SlickFix Extra Strong Fashion Dressing Tape

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  • Clear, Fabric & Skin Friendly Double Sided Body Tapes with powerful bonding for fashion emergencies! These tapes are transparent and stick to difficult fabrics and oily skin. Dress confidently and wear those dresses and party outfits with Slickfix's extra strong fashion body tape that will hold your clothing and hemlines comfortably against your skin or undergarments for long hours. No more embarrassing slips, visible straps or sagging necklines. Use these for night outs or all day long and be comfortable.
  • Special grade adhesive that effectively sticks on the skin and fabric without leaving any residue. Powerful bond adhesive is skin-friendly, for men and women. These body tapes have been created to stick to the body and the fabric keeping the bra, dress, skirt, socks, or tie in place. Easy to use. Simply peel and stick.
  • Slickfix Extra Strong Fashion Tape has multipurpose use, double-sided tapes stick onto almost all types of fabric like cotton, jeans, polyester, bra straps, and spaghetti tops. This is a fashion secret used by all celebrities and stylists all over the world and we want you to try the fashion tape and enjoy the endless applications and uses of the product. Stick it practically anywhere!
  • This product is perfectly suited for women, moms and girls, busy entrepreneurs, college going teens for their daily outfits and be on the run without worrying about their outfits losing its place. Be classy and confident by ensuring the clothes are as you like them. Add that extra to your daily fashion habit by using Slickfix Extra Strong Fashion Dressing Tapes.
  • These Extra Strong fashion dressing tapes are 12mm x 70mm that are perfect to cover the gap between the shirt buttons, hide the bra strap in a sleeveless top, hold a tube top in place and avoid those fashion mishaps and embarrassing moments by using SlickFix Extra Strong Fashion Dressing Tapes. Join our community of hundred thousand plus happy and satisfied customers and share your story of fashion faux pas.



  • Secure the button gaps of your top or button-down shirts
  • Keep the collar in place (t-shirt, shirts, tops) show a man in a shirt in the picture
  • Hold the dupatta on your shoulder
  • Control the deep plunging necklines
  • Keep the pallu of your saree/dupatta in place
  • Close the stomach area of the saree
  • Hold the folded cuffs in place
  • Secure the sleeveless tops


SlickFix extra strong body tape is designed to give that little extra hold that regular fashion tapes will not provide. Use it comfortably on thick and heavy fabrics that will hold the fabric in place for a longer time.

These extra strong tapes have extra adhesive compared to the regular fashion tapes.


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