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SlickFix Ear Lobe Support Patches

SlickFix Ear Lobe Support Patches

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  1. Secure and discreet : SlickFix Ear Lobe Tape offers invisible support for heavy earrings, ensuring they stay in place all day long without being noticeable.
  1. Comfortable all-day wear : The skin-friendly adhesive patch is designed for prolonged use, providing a comfortable experience for wearers throughout the day.
  1. Reliable and durable : The tape's strong adhesive properties prevent earrings from drooping or stretching the earlobe, making it a reliable solution for heavy earrings. 
  1. Easy application and removal : Applying the SlickFix Ear Lobe Tape is quick and hassle-free, and it can be easily removed without causing any discomfort or residue. 
  1. Versatile and transparent : The clear design of the tape makes it blend seamlessly with any skin tone, making it suitable for various earring styles and occasions, without drawing attention away from the earrings themselves.


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