SlickFix Nose Comfort Foam Strip – get comfort (Pack of 100)


Material : Comfort Foam
Quantity : 100 pieces (Set of 5 units Foam Sheet and Each foam Sheet have 20 pieces Strips)

Highlight points

• Soft foam to enhance comfort when mask is used over long duration
• It closes all gaps that may be there between the mask border and skin over the nose bridge
• Block all possibilities of left behind marks after prolonged usage
• Easy to use and apply

How to use:

• Remove the strip from the release paper to expose the adhesive
• Check for the position of the nose wire on your mask
• Apply the foam strip (1 or 2 strips as desired) on the side that comes in contact with the skin
• Press firmly for proper bonding
• Now you are ready to use the mask

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How To Use

How To Use

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