ear lobe tapeear lobe tapeEar LobEar Lobe 1111Ear Lobe Tape-1-6
Ear Lobe Tape-1-6
ear lobe tape
ear lobe tape
Ear Lob
Ear Lobe 1111
Ear Lobe Tape-1-6

Ear Lobe Tape Super Saver Pack – Pack of 180


36 pcs of Translucent Ear Lobe Tape
Easy to use and remove
Skin Friendly Friendly
80mm x 20 mm

200 in stock

SKU: SF-ELT-001/180 HSN Code: 39191000 Category:


Do heavy earrings dampen the festive spirit. Do aching ears and tearing ear lobes accompany dressing up with long or heavy earrings? Get Slickfix’s Ear Lobe Tape. It supports your ears while you look your best. These translucent tapes are skin-friendly and medically approved. Available in a monthly and a super saver pack.

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