Weekend Getaways with SlickFix

What are your must haves for a weekend getaway? Carry the essential SlickFix Fashion Accessories to truly ensure that your weekend is stress free.

After a long week, you deserve a hassle-free weekend. You want to wear whatever you want, whenever you want. And when you find torn shirt pockets or loose buttons on your weekend getaway, SlickFix is just what you need to save your weekend!

In Place, Always

Does your dress keep slipping while you dance? Use SlickFix Fashion Dressing Tape to hold it in place. Wear a strapless dress and do not worry about pulling it up every 10 seconds because with SlickFix you can have your cake and eat it too!

Lose Yourself, and Nothing Else

How many times have you not worn that bracelet you love or an expensive watch because you were terrified that you would lose it? Use the Dot Accessory Tape to keep your bracelets or watch-dials in place, and never worry about losing them again.

No pain, only gain

Whoever said ‘No pain, no gain’ never used SlickFix Ear Lobe Tape. With the Ear Lobe Tape, you can wear statement earrings that go perfectly with your dress for hours on end without any pain.

No more scrubbing

Prevention is absolutely better than cure, and SlickFix Cuff and Collar Grime Protector does just that. Protect your cuffs and collars from sweat, dirt and grime, so that you don’t ruin your expensive linen or silk shirts.

Be Unapologetically You

Being you should never have consequences. Don’t give up on your style because of peek-a-boos! Instead use SlickFix Nipple Covers and be your unapologetic self all the time.

SlickFix is your one-stop solution for all fashion emergencies, making it a must-have fashion accessory, especially on your weekend getaways. So, don’t let inconsequential woes take over your weekend plans. Just have uninterrupted fun with SlickFix!