Understory with Slick Fix

Having great underwear can really uplift your outfit and boost your confidence. With undergarments it’s all about the right fit and keeping things in place. Here are a few handy tips to ensure that your can go through the day feeling fabulous inside and out.

Seamless Underwear

Underwear that has no visible panty lines looks sleek and does not make unnecessary tires. Seamless, bonded edge briefs or laser cut underwear will give you that smooth look. Also wear nude rather than coloured underwear under white or light coloured clothing to have that no show look.

SlickFix Nipple Covers

SlickFix Nipple covers are ideal during those chilly months to prevent any peek-a-boos. You could also use them during the monsoon to prevent revealing too much incase you get drenched. It’s also great under that sexy bralette or that super cute bikini.

SlickFix Fashion Tape

SlickFix Fashion Tape is one of the versatile tricks. Use it to hold your bra in place and also prevent those painful red marks. You can also convert your regular bra to the perfect T back bra by sticking it inwards. Prevent that neckline from falling by placing two pieces of tape at the V of the neck. You could also use it to hold your tube top in place to prevent it from slipping down. Tired of constantly pulling down your off-shoulder tops, try sticking the sleeves in place with the SlickFix Fashion Tape.

Bra Extender

A bra extender works at extending the band size of your favourite bra while keeping the cup size the same. Now you can wear your favourite bra without the pain of it digging into your back.


Finding the perfect shape wear is a struggle but once you get that right fit you won’t be able to do without it. Corsets smoothen unwanted tires and love handles and holds things in place. If your corset keeps rolling down and doesn’t stay, you can use SlickFix Fashion Tape to hold it in place.