Freedom From 8 Common Fashion Faux Pas for Every Indian Woman

Salvage your outfit with these fashion fixes!

From button gaps on shirts to long slits to sweat patches– we all have to deal with wardrobe mishaps here and there. It’s frustrating for everyone. Well, we’re here to help you out. Here are 8 fashion mishaps you can easily fix without breaking into a sweat!

Underarm Sweat Patches 

Underarm sweat patches are everyone’s worst nightmare –, especially during summer. It’s a little bit of a pain to keep your hands down all the time once those sweat patches appear on your shirt. But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Fix It With : SlickFix’s Underarm Sweat Pads


The underarm sweat pads by SlickFix are the perfect solution to avoiding any sweat patches staining your shirt, and your mental sanity – and they’re easy to use. Just stick a SlickFix Underarm Sweat Pad under the armhole of your shirt, t-shirt, kurta, top, etc. to avoid sweat patches and an odourless day.

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Oversized Tees and Shirts 

Loading up on oversized tees and shirts is kind of a guilty pleasure, isn’t it? But it doesn’t always look the best. The worst is when a tee gets loose in the wash. When a tee or a shirt loses its shape, it can be the most annoying thing ever.

Fix It With: The Tie & Tuck Method


Tie a knot with two ends of your tee or shirt – or use a hair tie to tie a knot and tuck it inwards. This gives a chic look and will frame your body perfectly.

Button-down Peeking Boob Gaps 

We all have shirts and kurtas in our wardrobe that have buttons which create gaps – and how much do you hate that? The gaps can be uncomfortable and a bit irritating can’t they? So, how to get freedom from these button-down boob gaps?

Fix It With: Slick Fix Fashion Dressing Tape 


Using their dressing tape is THE way to get rid of button gaps. SlickFix’s Fashion Dressing Tapeis the way to salvage your outfit with unruly button gaps.

You can also use the Fashion Dressing Tape to attach your dupatta to your kurta to keep it from moving everywhere – or even to keep your bra straps in place! It’s the perfect way to keep your outfit together.

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