Fix your Monsoon Woes with SlickFix

Getting out of your cozy home when it is pouring outside could be really irritating. But who said rainy season has to be all messy and dirty? Stay healthy, stylish and cool with these monsoon hacks!

Flaunt just the colors nothing else!

Do away with those dull boring umbrellas and create a style statement with quirky, colorful ones. Carrying your pretty umbrella becomes a bit difficult if your top is a bit unmanageable. With Slickfix, flaunt your umbrella while SlickFix Fashion Dressing Tape holds your clothes in place for you.

Music to rescue

The gloomy cloudy weather needs a little something to uplift your mood, what better than music? While we know there are too many things to juggle while you commute, you could use SlickFix Dot Accessory Tape to keep your earphone wire stuck to your clothes while you enjoy your playlist on the go.

White, light everything right!

Wearing quick drying clothes during these days is the most practical and mess free choice you could make. And ladies believe us; you don’t need to be embarrassed of the peek-a-boos from that white shirt or the sheer top. With SlickFix Nipple Cover wear the lightest color/fabric with confidence any day, any season.

Splash with style

Wearing good quality shoes in the rain is very important to protect yourself from any possible infections. If you are getting a new pair of rainy shoes, you could always rely on SlickFix Fashion Dressing Tape to avoid a shoe bite. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

Happy monsoon!

Though we are done with the summers, it gets humid and stuffy during rains. With SlickFix Collar and Cuff Grime Protector, you can easily keep the collars and cuffs, stiff and clean while you slurp hot tea and enjoy the rain.