Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with SlickFix

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion which traditionally celebrates the sibling relationship and honours the bond between them; it’s all about protecting your brother or sister from potential evil or bad fortune. It is about having each other’s backs through trying times, and being there for each other no matter what!
This Raksha Bandhan, SlickFix can help you protect your brother or sister from wardrobe malfunctions, fashion disaster, last-minute fashion emergencies and painful or embarrassing dressing-up experiences with our array of products. SlickFix is equipped to save you from any kind of fashion mishap. Gifting your sibling SlickFix products will protect them from the evil eye of fashion police and ensure a protective layer of comfort and self-confidence.
SlickFix Fashion Dressing Tape is a versatile solution for pretty much any wardrobe mishap or emergency. Whether it is loose buttons, shirt gaps, falling hemlines, plunging necklines, strapless outfits, stubborn collars or unwanted peek-a-boos, the versatile Fashion Dressing Tape will solve them all. Moreover, using this tape, you can tap into your inner fashionista and experiment with different hemlines, patterns and styles!

SlickFix Ear Lobe Tape is a lifesaver for all women who absolutely love wearing chunky, statement earrings but cannot bear the weight for a long period of time. Imagine the nightmare they face during wedding season! But with SlickFix Ear Lobe Tape, the pain will be non-existent and the earring will look, on point!
SlickFix Underarm Sweat Pad makes it possible for you to look presentable in even hot, humid, sweaty weather. No more worrying about sweat patches on your shirts just before a meeting, or even before reaching work! SlickFix Underarm Sweat Pads are your saving grace protecting you from the failure of making a good impression.

Lastly, the Cuff and Collar Grime Protector protects your pristine white shirts and expensive silk shirts from stubborn stains that ruin your look, mood and confidence.
SlickFix products always come to your rescue when you are stuck in a fashion faux pas, making it a perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan for your brother or sister. Gift them this one-stop solution to all fashion emergencies and become their favourite sibling!